Why is AES-256 not enough? Because on embedded systems, it’s no longer enough to simply use secure protocols. As soon as perfectly secure algorithms are implemented on physical systems, the physical system becomes the weakest link. We can break a real implementation of AES running on a 32-bit ARM microcontroller in 30 seconds using our ChipWhisperer toolchain:

If you want a little more technical details, you can see our longer introductory video:

How do you fix it? It’s impossible without understanding the problem – which is where we can help you. We’ve built the revolutionary ChipWhisperer platform, a combination of low-cost hardware with open-source software. It makes it possible for every engineer at every company to understand these problems by shattering the barrier to entry.

You can see our Wiki Page for documentation including examples and tutorials. See our webstore to buy the hardware (we suggest one of the starter kits, and add-on a target board of interest). And we run training in-person, and coming Summer 2017 we’ll have online training using our low-cost hardware.

If you’re designing embedded systems today, we can help you stay ahead of the latest threats for tomorrow.