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Welcome to the ChipWhisperer® documentation. This documentation is auto-generated from the ChipWhisperer® source, and includes information about the hardware and software making up the ChipWhisperer® project.

Additionally, there is a ChipWhisperer Wiki which has information such as notes on building your own hardware and various other tid-bits. Generally the more mature documentation is here, and the wiki is used to hold notes which may change frequently (e.g. building guides, latest errata, release information, latest conferences CW is being demoed at, etc).

Some of the documents here will make reference to youtube videos. You can see the NewAE Technology Inc YouTube Channel for ‘official’ videos, although this is a community project so feel free to make an interesting video & put some links here! There is also some videos of ChipWhisperer things in action on Colin O’Flynn’s YouTube Channel.

If you are interested in buying premade hardware, see NewAE Technology Inc’s Embedded Hardware Security Division, although again because this is a community project you are free to have your own PCBs made too. Remember this project does not require specific hardware to work, and can be used with almost any oscilloscope along with a microcontroller target.

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