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Are you around Paris, France? If so be sure to stop by and visit us at COSADE on April 13th & 14th. We’ll have a booth with our latest hardware to show off (including the ChipWhisperer Pro). We’ll also have our Spring 2017 catalog available (you can also grab a copy of the PDF here). Due to travel for COSADE we won’t be shipping this week, but will still be answering questions.

CWPro Shipping

In other news, the ChipWhisperer Pro is now shipping! Here’s a shot of the CW1200 in the hard case with custom foam we had made (which cause a little extra delay) – we think it was worth the wait:

You can see some more photos of the final version in the online store.

New UFO Targets

What about fun new targets? For the past six months we’ve been updating the targets that fit on the UFO board, but haven’t had the chance to release everything yet. The gerber files are available in the repository, but we’re now updating the wiki and making it even easier to build your own board (in case we don’t yet sell the finished one, or you just like the smell of solder in the morning).

You can see a list of all targets on the CW308T Category Page in the wiki. Some of them have links to OSH Park so you can order PCBs with a single click, but otherwise you can download gerbers of them for submission to your preferred PCB fab (we don’t get any kick-backs from OSH Park, so don’t feel obligated to support us). Some also have link to a “1-Click BOM“, which requires a small browser plugin but will then allow you to easily order the BOM from Digikey or other suppliers.

For example we’ve got a STM32F target board – it supports a number of STM32F devices in TQFP64 packages, but so far we have examples building for the STM32F415. We’ll be selling it shortly, but if you can’t wait gerbers are already online.

One of the first boards we will have commercially available is the MPC5748G target board (which isn’t documented yet online). This rather interesting one has three PowerPC cores alongside some interesting peripherals (it’s designed for automotive applications). See a shot of the current status below from our latest run:

Knowledgebase & Tips

We’ve been expanding our wiki into something of a knowledge base. You can see for example the Knowledge Base category now contains a few new tips – something we’re going to be expanding in the coming months. We’ve also experimented with video tips, something we did for demonstrating how to use the H-Field probe. Hopefully you find this format useful, and enjoy having some stand-alone pieces of information.

Software Update

Finally to close off the newsletter – ChipWhisperer software version 3.3.0 has been released. This version adds support for the ChipWhisperer-Pro. It hasn’t yet been pushed to the pypi server (allowing you to pip install), but expect that in the next day or two.

This version also includes the “downsampling” feature for the ChipWhisperer-Lite & CW1200, which means you can do attacks on asymmetric crypto. If you’ve got the CW1200 it has an additional streaming mode, but the downsampling might be enough to at least perform some basic SPA and similar attacks.

We’ve also improved the processing of captured waveforms – this was done to improve performance of some huge traces coming from the CWPro in streaming mode, but you will see speed-ups even with the CW-Lite. And if you want the fastest capture speed (in terms of traces/min, this won’t affect your sample rate), be sure to disable waveform redraw , which is another example of the type of tips we are adding to the knowledge base.

That’s all for now from NewAE – just a quick update to keep you informed of the latest changes.