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The OpenADC platform is an open-hardware and open-software solution for your digitizing needs. Designed to fit a variety of FPGA development boards, it can significantly reduce the cost of experimenting with side-channel analysis, software defined radio (SDR), and lots more! See full details on the OpenADC Project.

  • High speed (105 MSPS) ADC, for reduced cost can mount lower-speed units of same footprint
  • External clock input for synchronizing to specific clock source - idea for sampling based on externally locked clock
  • Adjustable phase shift on sampling point to shift when samples occur based on external clock
  • LNA with computer-controlled gain, ranges from -10dB to 55dB (at 55dB gain full-scale input = 800µV P-P). Analog BW is ~50 MHz, although remains usable up to 200-300 MHz if signal is pure, since you can increase gain to compensate for roll-off (see docs for details)
  • Transformer-coupled input for maximum analog bandwidth (>500MHz, but note SFDR of ADC is only ~300 MHz)
  • Mounts to Avnet Spartan-6 LX9 Microboard, but with minimal modifications (e.g.: cutting pins + adding a wire) can fit to almost any FPGA board with 30 or 40-pin dual-row header
Download Description Date/Version Size
PDF Datasheet including Schematic Sept 7, 2014 950 KB
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The OpenADC normally ships with a Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) input selected and no header pins. You can easily change the input from the transformer to LNA via adjusting solder jumpers, as described in the OpenADC datasheet. You can optionally order the OpenADC with the transformer input or header pins installed, although there may be additional costs for these options.

Part Number Description
NAE-OPENADC-02-L-X OpenADC Assembled, Low-Noise Amplifier Default Input, No Header Pins
NAE-OPENADC-02-T-X OpenADC Assembled, Transformer Default Input, No Header Pins
NAE-OPENADC-02-L-M OpenADC Assembled, Low-Noise Amplifier Default Input, Male Header Pins
NAE-OPENADC-02-T-M OpenADC Assembled, Transformer Default Input, Male Header Pins

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