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NewAE Technology Inc. is a start-up based in Halifax. NewAE Technology has an office located near Gottingen St. & Young St.

NewAE Technology Inc. develops open-source hardware and software solutions for performing security analysis of embedded computer systems. You can see our open-source project at (with source at, and some of our current hardware products at Interest in hardware security is a strong asset (including participation at conferences such as AtlSecCon, Blackhat, and DEFCON).

As a very small company, applicants should expect to perform tasks beyond their core competency. Please be sure to list additional experiences and skills beyond those asked for, as everything from graphic design to web programming to experience with exporting/shipping/inventory are assets.

We do not currently have any open positions, but are always interested in hearing about exceptional candidates. Please email with copy of resume and other additional information that would be useful (such as GitHub repositories, examples of other work) if interested.