ChipWhisperer Training at Black Hat USA 2017

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ChipWhisperer Training at Black Hat USA 2017

NewAE Technology Inc. will be returning to Black Hat USA 2017 to put on it’s 2-day intensive training on side-channel power analysis and glitching. This training is hands-on, and uses the ChipWhisperer-Lite platform to give students the chance to perform real side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks.
The course uses the open-source ChipWhisperer project ( for both hardware & software tools, meaning attendees can immediately take the knowledge learned in this course and apply it in real life. The course includes a ChipWhisperer-Lite, so students walk away with the hands-on hardware used during the lab.

For more information and to sign-up, see .

NewAE at COSADE 2016 in Austria – April 14/15

NewAE Technology Inc. is proud to announce that it has signed on as a gold sponsor of COSADE 2016, and will be exhibiting some of it’s products at this conference. This will include it’s newly released CW305 Artix FPGA target board. Be sure to stop by as we’ll have lots of interesting products, and you can help shape where our future products go!

In addition to exhibiting, we will be presenting some recent research results. Colin O’Flynn will also be presenting a paper entitled “Power Analysis Attacks against IEEE 802.15.4 Node“, which uses the ChipWhisperer platform as part of the demonstrated attack. We are continuing to demonstrate how side-channel power analysis can be a threat on real systems, and remains something every embedded engineering needs to be aware of.


Since 2010, COSADE provides an international platform for researchers, academics, and industry participants to present their work and their current research topics. It is an excellent opportunity to exchange on new results with international experts and to initiate new collaborations and information exchange at a professional level. The workshop will feature both invited presentations and contributed talks. [Source:]

CW305 Artix FPGA Board

The CW305 is NewAE Technology’s first FPGA target board. It brings tons of features including a simplified USB interface for talking to the FPGA, an external PLL for adjusting frequency response, a programmable VCC-INT supply, and diode protection for use in fault injection environments. Also available with a special BGA socket, giving you the ability to perform tests on multiple FPGA devices – perfect for checking Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) under the exact same environmental conditions across multiple FPGAs.

This board requires an external oscilloscope or capture box for performing the power measurement. If you are looking for a complete toolchain, purchase the CW305 along with the ChipWhisperer 2-Part version. This will provide you with a complete toolchain for experimentation on FPGA targets. Check out some of the features below, and you can see full pricing in our webstore. The board is now available for preorder, and is expected to start shipping by March 31, 2016.