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NewAE Technology Inc. is a Canadian company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, started by Colin O’Flynn and Hilary Taylor. We have a wide range of experience in embedded design work, including everything from multi-layer PCB design to small IPv6 networking stacks to embedded security. Our diverse background has allowed us to develop the ground-breaking ChipWhisperer® system.

Securing hardware is hard. Not only are there the usual range of attack vectors that haunts software products, there is even more attack vectors. But the lack of simple and low-cost tools that can be used for testing and training has made it difficult to understand these attack vectors. The ChipWhisperer® system aims to fix this, by releasing an entirely open-source toolchain for performing attacks such as power analysis and clock or power glitching.

We manufacture and sell our own products, including the ChipWhisperer® and OpenADC™. Many of our products are made right here in Nova Scotia by local contractors, and all final assembly and testing is done by NewAE Technology Inc. to ensure a consistent quality.